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my lover is back

I want to say a very big thanks to Dr Jumba for the wonderful work he did for me in helping me to save my marriage, my husband filed for divorce because of the little misunderstanding we had in the past few month, And i never wanted this because i love my husband so much and all our investment was a joint business and i don't want to be far away from my family and my two lovely kids. My friend told me about Dr Jumba and how he also helped her with her marital issues, so i had to contact him because i want to stop my husband from completing the divorce letter and i want to keep my family together and after contacting him, i was told what i needed to do and when i was going to start seeing the result, I did as Dr Jumba has instructed and after 3 days my Husband call me and start asking for my forgiveness and it was all like a dream to me and we are all living happily together again all thanks to Dr Jumba . wiccalovespelltools @ gmail. com. via website
drjumbaspellhome. wordpress. com or his Whatsapp number: [****]

Clara E Minor
I Teared Up...

I know Anika. I know part of her story. I did not know her entire story. I am her Momma #2. I've known her since had Dad's passing (shortly after). I was at her wedding and was a part of the ceremony. I love her deeply. I hadn't known the details of her experience with her BFF Jenny. The hummingbird presence brought me tears. And as I continued to read her story...more tears. Thank you Anika for your beautiful rendition of your transcending process. And thank you Quorum for the space for Women to express their beauty, rawness, bravery, and the courage to tell the World who they are. Perfect. As we continue to share our stories, we all benefit, and we all grow into more of our innate Power. With our Power, the more we are able to share and allow others to have her/she/their Power. Sharing Power creates more Power. We Women are on a mission! We'll be the ones to change this World, as we have been doing for wait, for a century! Damn it takes a long time for Men to let That won't stop us. We'll continue to transcend and take our rightful places as Keepers of this Gentle Land we live on.

And the scent of Transcend—it sends me into never-never, ever-ever, always-alwaysland. We are here. We are strong. We are powerful. and We belong.

Anika Young
A Bright Light

Quorum's products are literally a bright light in the world. I absolutely love the smell of this candle, and the mission of this company. Its a wonderful way to raise awareness for women's stories, and help support multiple good causes and charities. The transcend stories help to inspire, guide and support all people as they navigate and transcend the hardships and challenges of life, and step into their true selves, expand, and evolve. Highly recommend this candle!

Renée Taylor
Brilliant concept, quality products

I love this candle, it smells amazing and burns really well. I have to stop myself from burning it all day, but even then it lasts pretty long. I think this candles stood out to me because of the stories attached to it, they were amazing. I appreciate the vulnerability of these women and love that the proceeds help support charities associated with the theme.

Sefunmi Osinaike
I love everything about Quorum

It's refreshing to know that while I burn my candles and enjoy the smell of my living space, I have also contributed to something larger than myself which is the main reason for purchasing a Quorum candle.