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What happens once you submit

Hold tight! You will receive an email from us if you are selected as a featured author for one of our candle anthologies. It's our mission to amplify stories and we recognize that we won't be able to include every story in an anthology. That's why we ask for your sign off to promote your story across social media. Your story deserves to be heard and we'll do what we can to make that happen!   

Given the volume of submissions, we unfortunately can't send emails to those who are not selected.


Selected authors will have the choice to receive dividends when the anthology featuring their story is sold. Optionally, authors can choose to have their dividend forwarded to one of our partner charities. Plus, authors receive the candle paired with their story.

Dividends are paid on a quarterly basis in the last week of the following quarter. For example, January-March royalties will be paid out the last week of June.

Important tidbits

This is your story. We feel incredibly honored that you have chosen to share your personal story with us. Your privacy means the world to us and we will always choose to act in ways that we believe most respects our authors. This means we follow a few key rules:

  • We will never ever sell your personal information or story to third parties. You chose to share your story with us and it will stay with us
  • You own your story – this is a non-exclusive contract.
  • These stories are key to our mission to amplify women’s voices and we will include selected stories in marketing and outreach to get the word out!

For the small print you can read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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