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We're tired of women's stories being dismissed, erased and rewritten.

That's why we built Quorum.

We're here to AMPLIFY your stories, CONNECT our communities and to EMPOWER our authors and each other. Our space is for all women and we welcome allies to be part of the Quorum community.

images of our founder

Meet our founder

The women in my life have supported me through late night school projects, toxic workplaces and cross country moves. They did all of this while battling their own fights. We may not all share the same experiences, but there's so much that we can learn from one another.

Many have tried to divide us by erasing our stories, preventing us from unifying in loss, frustration and shared understanding. I created Quorum to amplify the stories that are making waves locally so that we can all rise.


Our inspiration

Quorum is Jackie's ode to her grandmother, Águila Consuelo Vargas de Menendez Crosby, and to all of the women whose stories are suppressed or diminished so that the men in the room can shine brighter. 

This is our moment to unite as we carry the hopes and burdens of our communities towards a more just, compassionate and equitable society.

Consuelo's story