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Why we do this

We're here to support you as you realize the power of your authentic self.

Your voice is your power. The more each of us can speak our truth, the more we can find our communities, rally together and build positive change.

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Meet our founder

I was raised by women with strong conviction, and often becuase of that people tried to tear them down. I believe the more we can create space and recognize one another, the more power we have to influence the world around us. We may not all share the same experiences, but there's so much that we can learn from one another.

I created Quorum to amplify the stories that are making waves locally so that, together, we can all rise.


Our inspiration

Quorum is Jackie's ode to her grandmother, Águila Consuelo Vargas de Menendez Crosby, and to all of the women whose stories have yet to be told.

Consuelo's story